Maximize Self-Directed 401k Investments

Where can individuals find the best help with their self-directed 401(k) investments to ensure they protect their tax preferred status and maximize investment returns?

Self-directed 401(k) and IRA plans clearly offer many incredible incentives for individuals that want more from their savings and retirement plans, want to preserve their nest eggs and achieve financial freedom sooner. However, while they may give you the ability to direct where your money will go, you’ll still need some independent third party assistance in order to realize all the pros and stay on the right side of the IRS.


There are a number of ways to utilize your self-directed 401(k) in more appealing investments including multiple options for real estate investing. However, while you may know best where to put it and now be able to take the reins the IRS prohibits self-dealing. This means you’ll need an independent administrator to make the actual moves for you to keep it all above board. There are several options out there with Equity Trust being one of the most established self-directed retirement plan specialists, with over $12 billion under management across all 50 U.S. states. These professionals can also help you roll over or convert your current retirement plan to a self-directed one.


Commercial real estate is taking off in a big way, especially around the Boston region and Worcester County, MA. However, it still pays to do your due diligence, get an expert second opinion and look at the real data. Some sources to consult like this may include Loopnet, CCIM and


Opportunities abound today, but each is only as good as the actual execution and ongoing management. Plus, you are going to need someone else to handle all the day to day items to stay within the IRS rules and retain your benefits.

There may be ways to break this up with multiple third party vendors, but that essentially kills the passive income advantages and benefits of investing in commercial real estate and rarely pays off.

In contrast, a full service property management firm like May Property Management in Worcester, MA can handle everything on an investor’s behalf from A-Z. This includes tasks like regular building maintenance, bookkeeping, marketing for tenants and screening them, as well as rent collection.

This approach streamlines, reduces expenses and headaches while maximizing returns, and limiting liability, making it a great choice even if you aren’t using a self-directed 401k or IRA yet.

So choose your partners and get on your way to better returns, increased safety for wealth preservation and lower taxes.