Successful Investors

The world’s wealthiest individuals, real estate experts and most successful investors recognize leveraging other professionals is crucial to winning. Here’s the evidence…

Sadly many new real estate investors think the way to get ahead and make more money is by shunning outside help and pinching the pennies to do everything themselves. Ironically this appears to be exactly the opposite strategy of those that they aspire to be like.

Watching costs is important, demanding high returns on everything, and being willing to put in an extra hour to do things right is important, but not when it means sabotaging your goals and financial future. Too many are getting it wrong and are allowing the DIY approach to doom their dreams from the start.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Let’s take a look at some CEOs, legendary investors and world class money managers that have won by leveraging the time and expertise of others…

The founder and former CEO of was featured in the media this week for starting up a new firm that is actually a real estate brokerage. This comes after he was busted for using a Realtor to sell his NY condo; paying full commission rates.

Then there is perhaps the most legendary investor of all, Warren Buffett. He publicly said he would buy a couple hundred thousand rental properties if he could handle the property management. Since then he has made massive moves into the real estate services world. Then no one for a moment could likely imagine he’d manage the marketing and negotiating of his own home or individual investment properties; no way. If he did that he would never be where he is today.

Thirdly, last month Bloomberg broke the news of several of the country’s largest hedge funds and private equity firms ditching direct investment to make loans to other investors. This could be partially because it is where they are more comfortable, though certainly also a matter of finding out how much more challenging leasing and property management is, compared to what they expected.

So real estate remains a top pick of the world’s elite and savvy investor; they just recognize the advantage of and need to outsource the daily property management to a professional third party service. This not only frees them up to work on the more important items which actually trigger more income and wealth building, but reduces liability and ensures their total returns are maximized, while they actually get to enjoy the spoils.