According to new data real estate investment businesses are now among the most successful. Between this and new real estate statistics is shaping up to deliver a great windfall in wealth for property investment firms, with great sustainability for the long term.

As technology startups may be cooling, new research compiled by Statistics Brain shows that new real estate businesses are among the most likely to succeed and last. More specifically apartment building operators are ranked as having the 2nd best rate of survival and success after 5 years. So it’s a great time for a real estate startup or to expand real estate investing. The big question is where?

A new MBA reports shows that while commercial mortgage performance has been improving Fannie Mae’ commercial and multifamily property loans saw defaults double in the first three months of 2015. At the same time data compilers DistressedPro and RealtyTrac reveal a sharp rise in new foreclosures and delinquent residential mortgage loans. Some of these may be new defaults, many are probably the last of the legacy of the foreclosure crisis of the early 2000s. This means many potentially discounted properties coming to market, as well as many more individuals and families being poured into the rental market.

On the other end of the market reports a tremendous surge in home search activity. In fact, the listing portal says 35% to 50% more buyers are frequenting its site this year. used these figures along with statistics on those areas which are seeing homes sell the fastest to create a new list of the Hottest US Real Estate Markets in 2015. The Boston, MA region comes in, in the top 6. However, those looking for more value, less competition, and more inventory to choose from may look further west in Mass. to grab the deals they really want on multifamily properties.

In conclusion; the numbers certainly support this as being one of the best time to increase real estate investments in Massachusetts. It’s a great time to incorporate and scale real estate investment activities, especially in the multifamily apartment building sector. The deals are there, and so is the demand for units. Substantial spreads are available for those that act quickly to capitalize on the difference between distressed property sales and the new rising market, and who focus on serving others as they need to liquidate assets, and seeking rental housing.