The 5th Annual “Celebration In The Garden”

The Shrewsbury Public Schools are in a fragile state. Overall town revenue sources are stretched thin and the sheer cost of doing business as a school department rises every year.

Our schools have become increasingly dependent upon fundraising efforts by parent groups and community-wide events like the”Celebration In The Garden” to provide much needed curriculum resources, materials and technology that are no longer funded through the school budget.

Since 2009, the “Celebration In The Garden” has donated $95,000 to the Shrewsbury Public Schools, allowing building principals to fund their most critical needs when resources are severely limited. During this landmark 5th year, the “Celebration In The Garden” Host Committee has set the ambitious fundraising goal of raising $50,000. With class sizes soaring into the thirties and a pent-up demand for up-to-date textbooks and technology,
this is the year when the money raised by our event will make a huge difference in the quality of education our students receive!