Tax Free Real Estate Investing

Want even higher returns on your investments without having to take on risk?

The last few years have been a struggle for American investors. It’s largely been about survival and wealth preservation. Sadly many have seen their nest eggs and traction towards a reasonable retirement fund suffer. Now that the markets are turning around and people realize that they are running out of time to build sufficient retirement savings and streams of passive income the rush to investments with higher returns is on.

However, despite the positive outlook and great investment opportunities out there today there is really no excuse for gambling with retirement savings or betting on high risk investments in exchange for the ‘promise’ of high returns.

Fortunately there is a way to wisely, safely and profitably make up for lost time and restore losses without taking undue risk. Commercial real estate investments in the Northeast are especially attractive right now and are throwing off appetizing yields, while offering security and passive wealth building. However, smart investors can make these returns even better simply by cutting taxes.

Just think about how much you pay in taxes, and how much more your net returns would be if you didn’t have to pay them. So how can you invest in commercial real estate while enjoying even more tax deductions, write-offs, deferred taxes or even tax free?

It is totally possible. You slash taxes on your investment returns, and without expensive, complicated and illegal chains of offshore shelter corps, trusts and holding companies.

Like most U.S. investors your 401(k) could probably be performing a lot better. However, you don’t have to cash it out, or incur any tax penalties in order to tap these funds to put them into better investments.

Other savvy and advanced investors have already been using self-directed IRAs this way, at least since the beginning of the early 2000s. Now you can use your 401k to invest in commercial real estate and enjoy incredible tax advantages and better yields too.

A self-directed 401(k) or ‘real estate 401(k)’ can enable you to select where you want your money to be invested while retaining all of the tax advantages and matching benefits of your 401(k) retirement plan.

A self-directed 401(k) means you get to select premium real estate investments and enjoy seeing your retirement fund grow faster. You can use it to invest in industrial property, retail space, mortgage debt, leasing office buildings or multifamily apartment buildings in Massachusetts.

The key is that you must allow others to actually place the investment and manage it for you in order to maintain all of the benefits of your 401(k) and reap the highest returns. You choose where it goes and when, they just handle the paperwork and daily maintenance (which is obviously what most educated investors want anyway). You want to just be able to reap the rewards and see more money piling up in your account, not having to organize paper files or fix leaky faucets at 2am. So in order to put this into action you’ll want to find a custodian and a reputable full service property management company in MA, to handle this end of it for you.

To find out more about self-directed 401(k) investing and how to get started keep an eye out for our new article or contact us right away…