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7 Tips for Maximizing MA Multifamily Investment Property Performance

How can multifamily investors better maximize the performance of their properties and portfolios? Multifamily apartment buildings continue to trend among sophisticated investors. All of the fundamentals in this sector are strong going forward, and apartment buildings provide the perfect income investment for both capitalizing on a new real estate boom, and finding protection in case […]

New Twist On Trends Puts Retail Back In Investor Spotlight

A dynamic twist in trends, reportedly has retailers looking to invest in their real estate again. So as the spotlight is turned back on brick and mortar shopping where are the opportunities for commercial real estate investors, and what strategies are critical to remember during renovations? A booming Massachusetts rental market has been both swelling […]

Multifamily Property Investments: Big Dangers & Bigger Returns

Multifamily property investing continues to be a hot trend. However, while an incredibly profitable real estate sector, with a bright outlook, realizing the potential returns and rewards multifamily has to offer frequently comes down to management and execution. Many investors, including the best funded, too often underestimate the importance of property management and some of […]

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Real Estate Trends for Investors to Watch

What were the real estate and finance trends for real estate investors? Overall capital flow and transaction volume was set new highs, but more significantly will be new, and recurring twists in the market which changes where the value and best returns are. This is likely be especially be seen in northeast markets like Massachusetts. […]